Bottle Lift and Transfer - Team 17A


Manufacturing assembly lines have increased in automation for the past few decades. Automation allows for a reduction in human error and consistency in the resulting products. For this project, one manufacturing method of moving a product from one elevation to another elevation is analyzed in our bottle lift and transfer project. The bottle simulates any small product in the market that might need to be mass-produced. To transfer the product into different processes, whether in packaging or further manufacturing, the bottle will move through the assembly line from one location to another. Our project hopes to illustrate that and understand how different dynamic components are chosen for the mass transportation of everyday products.


1) To transfer a 16 oz water bottle from Point A(from the table) to Point B(Platform)

2) Ensure our final design is timely, inexpensive, repeatable, and autonomous

Technical Components:

Vertical Lift

  • Aluminum Extrusion: hold down the carriage and allow the base for the wheels to slide on
  • Vertical Pulley: Automated and motorized twine pulling the carriage system off the ground


  • Carriage Platform: Gentry Plate as the base of the carriage
  • Railing: Horizontal Aluminum Extrusion as the base for carriage to move horizontally
  • Claw: 3-D printed motorized grips to hold onto the water bottle


  • IR sensor: sensing the light attached under the platform
  • Hall Effect Sensor: Capture distance to platform
  • DC Motors: Powering vertical and horizontal movement
  • Battery: Provided by the lab
  • Servo Motors: claw movement
  • Arduino: programming for the movement and claw


Quan Nguyen:

Brion Song:

George Huang:

Allen Luo:

David Shin:

Sponsor: Mohammed Shorbagy 



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