Nitriding Fixture for Splined and Quill Shafts


A fixture will be designed to withstand the ammonia atmosphere of a nitriding process in an oven of 1000℉ and must be able to support the weight of four shafts. The fixture must hold three splined shafts and one quill shaft in the oven such that minimal stress occurs in the shaft during the thermal cycle to 1000℉ that can result in permanent deflection. This will require modeling of stresses in the fixture at temperature with the strength reduction associated with >1000℉ appropriate margin.  

Technical Details:

We will be paying particular attention to the material selection of the fixture. The fixture needs to be resistant to the ammonia environment and the high temperature of the oven. Because of the harsh conditions of the nitriding process material selection is crucial in making a successful design. Stainless Steel 330 was determined to be the best choice of material for the fixture.

Final material selection will be made to examine the performance to cost ratio in order to guarantee safe operation for 250 thermal cycles. The final deliverables include a digital model of the fixture, PDF drawings of each piece of the assembly to build the fixture, and list of assumptions and an explanation for decisions made will accompany the final model.

Goals and Objectives: 

1. Generate Requirements (04/24)

2. Initial CAD of Fixture (05/03)

3. Finalized CAD (05/17)

4. Complete FEA Analysis (05/24)

5. Release Drawings/Files (06/09)


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