High Pressure Quick Disconnect 189 Project

Pressure fed rocket engines make use of high pressure pressurant tanks that should be
topped off after pressing propellant tanks. One of the ways to accomplish this safely is to make
use of a remotely controlled high pressure quick disconnect (QD) system. The system would be
responsible for disconnecting the high pressure pressurant fill line after refilling the pressurant
tank to nominal pressures. By excluding the need to have a manual high pressure disconnect
while the pressurant tank is at max pressure eliminates a source of risk during the fill process.
The 189 team will develop a high pressure QD system that can be triggered by an electrical
signal. The QD should be rated for at least 1.5 times the max pressure in the current system’s
COPV and be able to be triggered reliably. The QD hardware should be commercially available
while the release mechanism should be interfaced with in order to trigger remotely.
The purpose of the QD is to be implimented on the UCI Rocket Project Liquid team's Preliminary
Test Rocket (PTR) during the team's launch. 

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