Wearable Gait Analysis Device

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The goal of this project is to develop an easy-to use, wearable, stand-alone device for gait assessment that can be sent home with patients and used continuously for at least 1 hour prior to recharging. The system needs to have an insole that measures user ground reaction forces and a soft interface to be worn around the ankle and calf to measure ankle angle and activity of at least two muscles: the tibialis anterior and the soleus or one of the gastrocnemius (calf) muscles. Processed data must be available to download after use that can be understood and analyzed by the wearer’s physician. The following pages will serve as a record of the work accomplished week-by-week including meeting notes, results from testing, and team discussions.

Goals and Objectives

  • Obtain background information on sensors for 3 necessary parameters, search for partial solutions (10/27)
  • Develop and select a final design concept to integrate sensors into a single wearable device (11/10)
  • Build prototype sensors 
    • Test to see if sensors can send data to be received by the microprocessor (12/15)
  • Build wearable device and incorporate the sensors (2/16)
  • Collect 1st set of test data from device (2/21)
  • Create an app to compile and display data in a format understandable by physicians (3/1)


Our documentation and additional information regarding the project can be found in the Google Drive here.

Team Contacts

Brett Awerkamp - bawerkam@uci.edu

Kyrollos Ishak - kmishak@uci.edu

Joshua Chong - jchong6@uci.edu


Professor Alexandra (Sasha) Voloshina - avoloshi@uci.edu

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