Renewable Hydrogen is a possible alternative fuel to natural gas that can be used in gas turbines without producing greenhouse gas emissions. However, all combustion processes produce NOx, which is a harmful air pollutant and isn’t very well studied for Hydrogen. HydroVision, for UCI’s MAE 151A course, is a team of undergraduate engineers collaborating to work on researching and developing a path for gas turbines to transition for running on fossil fuels to hydrogen gas. Using "micromixers" to produce an array of small flames will help highlight the flame interactions to analyze the reaction structure based on pollution behavior formation. By developing an imaging system to obtain a series of images of the flame, a 3D reconstruction can be created to be studied, similar to a CAT scan for medical purpose. Based on our success, this can lead to a masters level project.

Goal and Objectives

  • Heat shield completed and can withstand temperatures high enough to prevent damage to the camera done by April 7th.
  •  Gear system completed and can move the camera around at specified intervals by March 10th.
  • MATLAB code produces 3D model based on 2D images completed by March 10th.
  • Final assembly with all components assembled complete by April 21st.
  • MATLAB code that produces a tomographic map based on photos of the hydrogen flame completed by May 5th.
  • Final product completed and tested that protects all components during use and produces a complete tomographic map.



Team Contact

Nicholas Nicolai nicolain@uci.edu

Fabian Saldana saldanf1@uci.edu

Sallury Hernandez salluryh@uci.edu 

Kade Nygaard khnygaar@uci.edu


Vincent Mcdonell vgmcdone@uci.edu

Malcolm Overbaugh moverbau@uci.edu

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