Bottle Lift and Transfer Project

Background: The bottle lift and transfer project connects to our sponsor Shorbagy Mohamed's research in dynamic controls. With a lift that not only raises but also transfers a bottle onto a platform of a certain height, we are testing controls on a mechanism that is in motion with an objective to accurately replicate a task in a simplistic, and cost effective manner.

Goal and Objectives: Our teams goal is to design a lift that can place an unopened water bottle from a low height, less than 2 inches, to a platform surface of 8 to 12 inches in height. The lift must function autonomously, remain within a set budget, and keep the bottle transferred in an upright position. For our objectives, we are aiming for these milestones: conceptual design/bill of materials by week 4(2/2/24), placed orders by week 6(2/16/24), completed assembly by week 8(3/1/24), and completion of testing and optimization by week 10(3/15/24).

Team Contact: For more information or any questions, please contact Aaron Schmidt at

Sponsor/Advisor: Shorbagy Mohamed,

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