Bluetooth-Enabled Weather Station


Description: This project aims to develop a Bluetooth-enabled weather station allowing users to access real-time, localized weather data via their smartphones. The weather station will be equipped with sensors to measure temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, and barometric pressure for a complete weather profile of a given location. This project not only promotes user convenience but also advances our understanding of weather patterns and trends. Additionally, users will be able to make informed decisions regarding daily activities whether its planning outdoor events, assessing the need for climate control, or simply preparing for changing weather. Our goal is to provide a user-friendly, affordable, and accurate solution to homeowners, businesses, and educators alike.

Background: Our team consists of members with different interests and areas of expertise so we chose to pursue a project that would leverage each team member's unique skills and passions. 

Goals and objectives: By the end of the Fall 2023 quarter, we aim to design, assemble, and test a functional prototype that can transmit temperature, humidity, pressure, and wind speed and direction data to a smartphone via Bluetooth.

Team Contact: Daniel Stoll,

Sponsor: Shorbagy Mohamed,

Project status: 
Academic year: