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The overall goal of our project is to design and create a functioning automatic pickleball machine. The machine will be able to replicate the different spins, seeds, and launch angles present in actual pickleball play. In addition to replicating in-game spins, speeds, and launch angles, the other main objectives include launching at least fifty pickleballs without reloading, creating a low-cost yet reliable design, and having software control of feed rate and trajectory parameters. Our machine will also be reproducible with standard parts and online services (3D printing, etc.). By the end of winter quarter, we will have a proof of concept demonstrating the feeder system as well as an initial look at the launch mechanism. By the end of spring quarter, we should be able to demonstrate a fully functioning automatic pickleball launcher with integration of all the different components including software, feeder system, launching mechanism, and height adjustable stand. 

Performance Requirements

  • Feed rate of 1-12 seconds.
  • Feeder capacity of 75 pickleballs
  • Launch a pickleball 10-65 mph
  • Adjustable spin (topspin, backspin, and sidespin) with 0-1500 rpm
  • Adjustable launch angle between -10-50 degrees
  • Adjustable launch height between 1-5 feet
  • Adjustable bearing angle between -45-45 degrees
  • Overall will cost <$600

Goals and Objectives Timeline

  • 2/19: Motor selected and design of wheels/frame finalized
  • 2/23: List of required components is finalized and ordered. Remaining materials ordered 
  • 3/1: Initial code draft completed 
  • 3/5: Proof of concept design finalized
  • 3/7: Launch mechanism for proof of concept assembled 
  • 3/9: Code has been tested with physical launch mechanism 
  • 3/12: Launch mechanism completed for demonstration

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