3D Printer Magnetization Head For Microscale Applications


The Magnetic Microsystems & Microrobotics lab at UCI is spearheading a research endeavor funded by the Army Research Lab to develop a 3D printer capable of printing magnets. A magnetization head will be used and designed to apply magnetic poles onto the printed magnets. The proposed Magnetization Head aims to manipulate magnetic nanoparticles within the composite during the printing process. It will be integrated with the 3D printer and synchronized with the laser. The Magnetization Head will enable control over magnetization in both X and Y directions, as well as their vector composition. It will feature two independently controlled sections, each aligned with a magnetization axis. These independently controlled sections will be held with a critical component which are the coil mounts/holders that will utilize powder bed fusion 3D printing to hold the 18 gauge coil used for this project.

Goal and Objectives:

  • Design and Fabricate Gantry 
  • Assemble Magnetization Head
  • Wrap Coils on Magnetization Head
  • Integrate Laser Engraver with Magnetization Head and Gantry
  • Induce Magnetic Field in 1D and 2D

Team Contacts: Lindsey Shak (lshak@uci.edu), Vincent Dat Truong (vincedt1@uci.edu), Wilson (wilsonl6@uci.edu),  Jared Van Der Zwaag (vanderzj@uci.edu

Sponsor: Dr. Camilo Velez Cuervo (cvelezcu@uci.edu)

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