2024 Winter Bottle Lift and Transfer Project -- Team 17C


For this project, we need to design a device that develops a bottle lift and transfer system capable of automatically placing a bottle onto a platform ( the blue area in the image) at a user-specified height, ranging between 8 and 12 inches. This device aims to streamline the process by enabling the device to return to its initial position after each cycle, ready to accommodate another bottle. The primary goal is to enhance the efficiency and safety of bottle lift and transfer procedures. The device should be free-standing, low-cost, easy to manufacture, and meet all the requirements of the sponsor and advisor.



Shorbagy Mohamed’s research as a PhD student at UCI is on dynamics and controls. As our sponsor, his dream design solution is that the product can lift and transfer the bottle to the other platform and is placed exactly at the center of the blue area, but as long as the bottle can land upright in the blue area is also acceptable.


Role Assignment

Mindy: Group Leader, assigns responsibilities, keeps everyone else on track.
Qinyi Xu: Keeps track of the organization. Document procedures and design changes.
Akhil Boddu: Mechanical lead, manufactures all necessary parts, leads 3D prints.
Jeremy: Completes the 3D modeling. Design lead.


Goal & Objectives

The objective of this project is to design a portable bottle-lifting device that meets the expectations of our project sponsor. To achieve our goal, we have set several milestones to do things according to plans, and have effective communication throughout the weeks so everyone is on the same page. Ensure that responsibilities are shared evenly and that everyone is contributing to the project. Our ultimate aim is to create a viable and proven prototype that meets our sponsor's expectations. 


Team Contacts

Mindy Huynh--- mrhuynh@uci.edu 

Jeremy Rose--- jcrose1@uci.edu

Akhil Boddu--- boddua1@uci.edu 

Qinyi Xu --- qinyix2@uci.edu


Mark Walter --- m.walter@uci.edu 

Shorbagy Mohamed --- mohamem2@uci.edu 



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