UAV Forge MAE 189 (Spring 2023)

UAV Forge


“The SUAS competition is designed to foster interest in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), stimulate interest in UAS technologies and careers, and to engage students in a challenging mission. The competition requires students to design, integrate, report on, and demonstrate a UAS capable of autonomous flight and navigation, remote sensing via onboard payload sensors, and execution of a specific set of tasks. The competition has been held annually since 2002.

Multiple package delivery companies have tasked Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) to deliver packages to customers. These UAS must avoid each other, map the operating area to identify hazards, avoid static obstacles like buildings, identify potential drop locations, drop the package to a safe location, and then move the package to the customer.” - SUAS 2023 Rulebook

Goal and Objectives

The team goal is to have a successful fixed-wing aircraft with respect to a mission profile that can potentially be used for next year’s SUAS competition. The main milestone within the one-quarter time span we have is to prove the feasibility of a fixed-wing SUAS competition vehicle by researching, manufacturing, and testing a scaled-down version. By establishing our mission profile similar to the current SUAS competition mission profile, we will research and develop a fixed-wing SUAS competition vehicle that best our requirements and criteria.

Project Constraints

  1. Aerodynamic
  2. Structure
  3. Weight
  4. Propulsion
  5. Ground handling
  6. Avionic
  7. Payload
  8. Flight Control
  9. Manufacturing
  10. Maintenance & Operation

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Team Contact(s)


Instagram: @uavforgeatuci


Professor David Copp 


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