SunSpot Cookers


The pirpose of this project is to design a fully functioning solar cooker with a portable, efficient, easy-to-use option for food preparation under non-ideal conditions. In addition, we hope to understand companies' design, engineering, and manufacturing processes to sell products from this project. Finally, the knowledge obtained from this project will provide insight into how industries organize projects for engineers to complete under specific guidelines. 

Goals And Objectives:

The Solar Cooker Project Team will seek to design, manufacture, and test a solar cooker with a portable, efficient, and easy-to-use design to produce fully-cooked meals for families on outdoor adventures. Inventing a relatively compact design that ensures structural integrity, utilizes materials that provide lightness and sturdiness, and makes a fully cooked meal within half an hour are the critical milestones we must achieve throughout the quarter. Furthermore, our design must be capable of thoroughly cooking the meals inside to ensure the health and safety of users. In conclusion, our product must pass these requirements to guarantee its usability and a competitive stance in the market.


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