Portable Shoulder Exercise Device


The occupational therapists at UCI Medical Center have been in need of a shoulder-strengthening device for patients recovering from spinal cord injuries or strokes. All of the past products that these therapists have tested are lacking in either stability, adjustability, or overall functionality for redeveloping shoulder muscles. Our team was tasked with creating a device that fills in these gaps and allows patients to safely improve the functionality of their shoulders through controlled and functional movements.

Goals and Objectives

Our team’s goal is to design a device that will allow patients to regain mobility in their shoulders and provide them with support in performing simple tasks. This device will be portable to allow for easy transportation within UCI’’s medical facilities. We want to allow patients to rehabilitate the mobility of their shoulders in a way that proves to be effective and rewarding. We are in the second quarter of our project and we plan to focus on prototyping and manufacturing our final product that meets all the design requirements and passes validation testing. If time permits, we will attempt to gamify the device to make the road to recovery more rewarding for the patients using it.

Team Contacts

Project Lead: Tyler Sanchez | tylercs@uci.edu 

Project Manager: Lauren Lin lflin@uci.edu

Team Member: Kameron Ahmed kamerona@uci.edu

Team Member: Crystal David Militante. | cmilitan@uci.edu

Team Member: Derek Ortiz derekjo@uci.edu

Team Member: Leadson Teles Da Silva ltelesda@uci.edu

Team Member: Claire Lin clairal1@uci.edu

Team Member: Ian Satoda | isatoda@uci.edu


Professor David Reinkensmeyer dreinken@uci.edu


Professor David Copp dcopp@uci.edu

Professor Mark Walter m.walter@uci.edu

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