MAE189 Handheld Heating Device Project


This project aims to develop a cost-efficient, user-friendly and convenient device for spreading butter-like substances using a spring mechanism to push the substance through a heating element and onto an applicator. The device will be operated by a roller and is intended to make the process of spreading butter more efficient and less messy. The use of heat pipes will provide a quick and even heating of the substance, ensuring that it can be easily applied in a controlled manner. The device will be designed to be easy to use and clean, making it an attractive option for any household. 


Role Assignment

Aldo Khiev--- Manufacturing Lead

Bridge Robinson--- Leader/Coordinator

Franciszek Czapla--- Electronics Specialist

Michael Punaro--- Solidworks Specialist

Qinyi Xu --- Operations Lead


Goal & Objectives

The objective of this project is to design a portable butter softener and applicator that meets the expectations of our project sponsor. To achieve our goal, we have set several milestones, including presenting the problem definition and requirements, refining designs, and testing their feasibility. We plan to create a manufacturable CAD model, source materials, create a bill of materials, finish constructing a prototype, and test and validate it. Our ultimate aim is to create a viable and proven prototype that meets our sponsor's expectations. 


Team Contacts

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