FUSION Engineering Project: Autonomous Vacuum (Team Wall-Is)


This project opportunity allows FUSION members to gain hands-on experience with minimal engineering backgrounds, as some members are underclassmen, in order to boost the confidence of our members about the engineering industry and their technical knowledge and skill sets. Although there are three other teams completing this same project, our research and approach will be unique from theirs, as we aim to create the most efficient robot.

Goal and Objectives:

Through this project, we can exemplify real-world applications further than just autonomous vacuums, such as a self-driving vehicle that dodges car and human traffic while staying within set traffic lines. In addition, we hope to improve the future of the automation industry. Today, many people are skeptical of autonomous machinery and such technology is not seen as reliable and practical. As engineering students, we hope to educate ourselves more in automation in order to bring more applications in everyday use.

As of January 31st, 2023, we have received our first purchase order and have started to work with our materials. Our current objectives are to design the main chassis and research the most efficient way of manufacturing it, teaching our mechanical subteam members how to use SolidWorks, understand connections of our Arduino, and test all DC motor outputs with Arduino code.

Team Contacts:

John David Libramonte jlibramo@uci.edu
Daniel Solis solisdl@uci.edu
Gianna Calderon Fortu gtcalder@uci.edu
Ariel Mercado arielcm@uci.edu
Jhaneen Patricia Uy uyjp@uci.edu
Jordan Borja jiborja@uci.edu
Joseph Belen jabelen@uci.edu
Matthew Simbillo msimbill@uci.edu
Jadon Tapp tappj@uci.edu
Elijah Grayda egrayda@uci.edu
Ethan Pugay epugay@uci.edu
Yiqun(Dean) Du yiqund4@uci.edu


Professor David Copp

Project status: 
Academic year: