FUSION Engineering Project: Autonomous Vacuum (Team Oompa Loompa Broombas)


In today's world, there is heavy emphasis placed on being able to design and create user-friendly products that maximizes efficiency for consumers. The creation of autonomous objects has only fueled this statement. For decades, engineers have been working to invent autonomous robots that could help revolutionize manufacturing, driving, smart home devices, and everything in between. Teslas are a prime example of this, as they have changed the way people view driving. Tesla's autopilot mode on their vehicles have proven to make driving on highways safer, and while more research and data still needs to be collected, it is one step forward in eventually normalizing autonomous vehicles. Roombas are another example, as it has changed the way people handle the tedious task of cleaning their floors, leaving consumers with the free time to now prioritize their other responsibilities. With the popularization of the autonomous vehicle movement, led by Tesla and other automotive companies, it is evident that self-driven cars and other devices will soon play a significant role in people’s day-to-day lives. 

Goals and Objectives:

Our project will focus around the automation of a simple household device that has broken into most average American households: an autonomous vacuum cleaner. The goal is to create an effective, cost-efficient vacuum cleaner that can operate autonomously, similarly to a Roomba. The robot will be tasked with picking up dirt/debris off of the ground while simultaneously avoiding obstacles.

This project is a great opportunity for young engineers to work and collaborate in interdisciplinary teams, get technical experience, and learn more about their respective fields while designing and creating an autonomous vacuum cleaner. This project will allow newly admitted engineers to explore the design process and expose them to complex control algorithms, calculated CAD models, and will allow them to work alongside more experienced students. Seasoned engineering students will have the opportunity to gain leadership experience, apply advanced programming skills, and use advanced CAD techniques to design a sleek and functional body. The overarching goal of this project is to enrich each individual as an engineer through a dynamic, collaborative engineering project.

Team Contacts:

Brady Muramoto - bmuramot@uci.edu
Zion Mateo - mateoz@uci.edu
Vince Tran - tranvn3@uci.edu 
Daven Gomez - daveng@uci.edu
Koston Maloyo - kmaloyo@uci.edu
Justin Macalalad - jrmacala@uci.edu
Nayeli Karlisle Soon - nsoon@uci.edu
Sydney Mah - mahst@uci.edu
Karen Gines - kgines@uci.com
John Villapando - jvillapa@uci.edu
Calvin Kang - calvik3@uci.edu 
Jared Alonzo - jcalonz1@uci.edu


Professor David Copp - dcopp@uci.edu

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