Due to COVID-19, the medical industry has received an increase in demand for rapid covid tests, as well a need for contactless interactions between humans. The increase in traffic for hospital visits has strained the current logistics network and increased delivery times. CONCEPT VTOL plans to mitigate the risk for contamination and decrease delivery times by designing a novel VTOL drone that will deliver prescriptions and rapid covid tests from the UCI Student Health Center to UCI students within a 5-mile radius. 

Goals and Objectives

Our main goal for this project is to design a novel vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) drone for prescription drug medication and rapid covid test delivery. 

The following are the team’s objectives:

  • Research pre-existing VTOL designs and compare the pros and cons
  • Create a complete preliminary design and bill of materials
  • Create conceptual designs and selections for each individual system components, a detailed system architecture diagram, and solid modeling and engineering analysis
  • Provide plans for prototyping and testing

The team’s framework is divided into four main subcategories that all communicate with each other throughout the documentation process. The Mechanical team is responsible for heading up the aircraft design process, and the electrical team is in charge of researching and providing a layout of the aircraft’s circuitry design. The Controls team takes initiative for the flight dynamics controls system, and the Student App leads the design and implementation of the authentication system for the package delivery process.

Team Contacts

Jaqueline Vargas - 

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Brennden Jeffrey Lagreek -

Loukas Alexander Van Leeuwen -

Emily Nichole Pachas -

Timothy Yan -

Meet the Team!

The following link provides headshots per team member: Although roles are assigned to each individual of the team, consistent internal meetings are held 2-3 times throughout the week and allow for every subteam to collaborate, critique, and/or improve on one another's subteam findings. All findings are recorded in weekly status updates to our sponsor, and individual notebooks.


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