Autonomous Interface Engineering


"Robot for Executing Physics-Inspired Path Planner" is a capstone design project. The project team will design and build a self-contained and self-sufficient robot capable of tracking a preplanned collision-free path in a 2D environment containing circular obstacles with a maximum error of 10% at any point.

Unique Background of Project Team Members

Our team consists of 5 team members, 4 of which are Mechincal Engineers and the 5th being an Aerospace Engineer. There are 4 students that have previously taken the course MAE 106 at UCI, which has similar objectives to this current project. This is helpful as there has been prior experience to using Arduino and CAD modeling a robot of this caliber. With such different backgrounds as a person, this helps to come together and be able to provide new outlooks on problems to solve. 

Goal and Objectives

Develop technical skills and critical thinking to quantify the mission statement, define the design space and its constraints, generate and assess many concepts during the preliminary phase, and design the product for assembly and manufacturing.

2/1/2023: Make key design decisions.

2/10/2023: Finish the CAD model.

2/11/2023: Purchase and fabricate components.

2/18/2023: Get all the electrical and mechanical components.

2/24/2023: Assemble the vehicle.

2/27/2023-3/17/2023: Test.


Midterm Presentation: 

Team Contacts

Fernando Gonzalez

Criss Azer Habashi 

Xinyi Cheng 

Hai Ci 

Hang Yu 


Mohamed Shorbagy 

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