UCI Intelligent Ground Vehicle W22


Students that are a part of the UC Irvine Intelligent Ground Vehicle Team will design and test an autonomous ground vehicle that is able to navigate through an obstacle course. The technologies used in IGV encompass a wide range of applications in engineering including military mobility, intelligent transport systems, and manufacturing. 

Goals and Objectives 

The goal for students in IGV is to implement skills gained in classes while designing the vehicle and developing a method to allow it to navigate through the obstacle course. This includes usage of Finite State Machines, Ultrasonic and GPS Sensors, and microcontrollers. 

Currently, the project is in the optimization stage. The chassis has been built and the obstacle detection code, GPS, and navigation systems are nearly complete. The next steps are to reconstruct the chassis using a more flexible material as the plexiglass was very unwieldy. Furthermore, we plan to optimize the lane detection code such that it is also able to detect turn lanes and move accordingly. Finally, we are in the process of constructing modularized PCBs for the vehicle, which we hope to have accomplished by the end of the quarter. We are also redesigning the steering system in order for better manuevarability. 

Project Website 

GitHub - IGV: The Navigation Code for the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Project through UCI

Team Contact(s) 

Akhil Pappu (Organizational Lead): apappu@uci.edu

Orion Serup (Technical Lead): oserup@uci.edu 

Team Advisor(s) 

Professor David Copp: dcopp@uci.edu 

Professor David J. Reinkensmeyer: dreinken@uci.edu

Project status: 
Academic year: