Project Background:

For this Spring quarter project, Team MorfNX will be utilizing NX’s topology optimization tool to redesign an air duct for the 2008X X-series aircraft oil cooler. The team will examine the entire engine and cooling assembly as a whole, figuring out the maximum amount of volume the air duct can occupy (defining the design space), place geometry constraints, and boundary conditions in which the iterations of design will be fine-tuned and simulated using StarCCM+. By combining the power of topology optimization and computational fluid analysis, the team will come up with a design that can maximize the airflow for the cooling system.

Team Goal:

The goal of this project is to investigate the topology optimization process in NX, and how to increase efficiency with notable design parameters relevant to the project (such as airflow, part weight, and print design reliability). Firstly, we plan to use StarCCM+ to simulate the airflow within an air intake duct of a 2008X oil cooler present in a four-seater RV-10 plane and quantify the airflow so that it may be maximized using topology optimization. Then, we will use NX to adjust a specific design for the part and ultimately reduce cost, weight, and print difficulty while maximizing airflow volume.

Team Objective:

  • Use topology optimization to map out necessary areas for redesign
  • Quantify the printing cost of the part and compare it with the original design
  • Redesign the part to maximize airflow efficiency
  • Redesign the part in three total iterations


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Team Contact:

Zhihao Liu, Team Lead / Point of Contact <>

Timothy Morse, <>

Khuong Nguyen, <>

Antonius Wirjadi, <>

Sidney Schone, <>


Prof. Mark Walter, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering <>

Ben Dolan, Director, Design & Engineering Research Projects RapidTech <>


Morf 3D:

Jeff Blanford, Solution Architect <>

Matt McConnell, Director of Engineered Solutions <>

Robert Mendez, Additive Manufacturing Engineer <>


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