Espresso-Mini Rocket Engine Test Stand Project


For this quarter, Sp22, the solid rocket team will be looking at commercial L-M motors to design a rocket that could compete in the 10,000 ft Spaceport America cup next year.  Although they were denied from making their own propellant this quarter, they are planning on doing so in future quarters at another approved location. They will also be making their own nozzle this quarter to accompany their selected commercial motor. In order to validate the functionality of their future custom propellants, their current commercial motor, and their current custom nozzle, the solid rocket team will need a specialized test stand. Espresso, the test stand being designed, will ideally serve as an all-purpose static test fire stand for the solid rocket team’s current and future endeavors.

Goals and Objectives

Our goal is to design a test stand that can easily mount rocket diameters between 75 mm and 98 mm and measure a thrust of up to 2,500 N. We also aim to make the test stand easily transportable to allow for rapid testing in various locations as necessary while also maximizing stability to ensure safe and reliable testing conditions at all times. We plan to have a preliminary design of the test stand by week 5 and component level verification by the end of the quarter.

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