ASME Human Powered Vehicle Challenge


ASME’s Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (HPVC) is a competition in which students participate in racing a human-powered vehicle that they have designed. Through this project, students are able to apply their knowledge about engineering principles in order to design a successful and competitive vehicle.


Design a human-powered vehicle that can complete two competitions (a speed competition and an endurance competion) held by ASME. The Vehicle should have the ability to reach 25 km/h at a certain time and be able to stop at a given distance. The powertrain system should be reliable and efficient. The human interface should be ergonomic which allows cyclists to ride comfortably. The chassis should be considered a safety issue and the aerodynamic shield.


The overarching goal of the project is to design a final CAD model in SolidWorks with appropriate analysis for each component by the end of the quarter. Additionally, a complete bill of materials and manufacturing plan will be compiled for future groups to use. Project milestones will be the preliminary design, the detailed design, and finally, the final design model. The preliminary design will consist of brainstorming ideas for each component and utilizing decision matrices to determine the optimal design. This portion can include preliminary CAD models as well. The detailed design should be a rough CAD model of our complete design, with calculations done to support design choices. The final design model should consist of the final CAD model with all calculations completed as well as a complete bill of materials and manufacturing plan.

Prospective Time Line 

Week 3: Complete Conceptual Design

Week 4: Complete Preliminary Design

Week 6-7: Complete Detailed Design

Week 9: Complete Final Design


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Team Contact(s)

  • Anthony Atz  


  • Shuhao Zhang  


  • Gabriel Vergara 


  • Bryan Lam 



  • Benjamin Moreno 



  • Abhijith Jose 




  • Professor David Copp


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