Cargo Plane (SAE Aero Design)


Cargo Plane is a senior design project competing in the International Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Aero Design competition. Per parameters provided by SAE, we will be designing and building an electric RC cargo airplane that will be carrying a payload of soccer balls and metal plates. Our focus is to generate high lift at low velocities and create a high payload to plane structure ratio optimizing for a greater flight score in competition. 


The plane contains a single propeller propulsion system and is mainly manufactured from a variety of woods and metals. Our team works together in three structural subsystems of Wings, Fuselage, and Tails. This project provides students with the opportunity to experience the engineering process in practice.


Goals & Objectives

Fall 2020

  • Complete detailed conceptual design of the plane
  • Draw up manufacturing preparations for next year 
  • Conduct load testing on wing and fuselage spar

Competition Oriented 

  • March 1st - Completion of conceptual design reflected in the Design Report for entry in Aero Design Knowledge Event 
  • May 4th - Completion of manufacturing for entry in Aero Design Validation Event 
  • Optimize payload quantity for increased flight score
  • Successfully take off in under 100ft distance


Team Contacts

Tiffany Lee, Project Manager 2020 - 2021

Sovannrat Hul, Project Manager 2020 - 2021



Dr. John C. LaRue


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