Anteater Formula Racing (FSAE Internal Combustion)

Anteater Formula Racing's 2019 Racecar on the Endurance track at Formula SAE Lincoln 2019


Anteater Formula Racing builds an open-wheel, internal-combustion race car inspired by Formula 1 and IndyCar racing to compete at Formula SAE California. Forty-five engineering students participate in the design, manufacturing and testing phases to gain the engineering skills needed for industry in a highly-technical, fast-paced and competitive environment. The team collectively spends over 10,000 man-hours each year developing the car and its subsystems alongside engineering coursework.

Engineering students earn jobs in several industries, including automotive, aerospace, electrical, software and more, because of the hands-on training, communication and management skills, and design-to-reality experience that is gained directly from competing in Formula SAE. It is considered by industry experts to be an essential part of any new engineer’s resume.

Goals & Objectives

  • Top 5 Finish at Formula SAE California 2020.
  • Finish all attempts in all dynamic competition events: Acceleration, Skid Pad, Autocross, Endurance and Efficiency.
  • Pass FSAE Technical Inspection on the first try.
  • Running car by Spring 2020.
  • Improve design score and reliability by finishing the car early and conducting extensive testing.

*Unfortunately, Formula SAE California 2020 was cancelled in favor of the Formula SAE Online Event due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The team was still able to compete in the Design, Cost and Presentation Events. The team's vehicle, Jinx, will be finished in the 2020-2021 academic year.

Team Website

For more information about Anteater Formula Racing, visit

How to Join Anteater Formula Racing

UCI students can contact for information.

Please note: Any major can apply. Project Members enroll in MAE 189+195 for Technical Elective credit or MAE 93 for Elective Credit to meet graduation requirements. Members are required to attend twice-weekly meetings and complete design, manufacturing and verification tasks as assigned by Project Lead Engineers.

How to Support Anteater Formula Racing

Corporate sponsors and personal donors are a huge part of what makes Anteater Formula Racing possible. If you would like to support us alongside our incredible current sponsors (click here to see our full list), please contact us below!

Team Contacts

Matt McMurry, AFR Chief Engineer 2019-2020

Noah Stein, AFR Team Manager 2019-2020 


Dr. Derek Dunn-Rankin

Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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