Autonomous Target Robot Project


  • Background 
    • The autonomous target robot project is a project sponsored by the US Navy that is seeking to create a vehicle that navigates autonomously and is capable of acting as a mobile target on a shooting range.
  • Goal and Objectives  
    • Design the structure for an autonomous vehicle
    • Write a program that directs the car to pre-designated GPS coordinates and presents a target oriented towards the shooter
    • Incorporate sensors that detect when the target has been shot, allow autonomous navigation, and wireless communication
    • Manufacture the robot and assemble electronics
  • More Information
    • Sponsor/Advisor
    • Engineering challenge we are working on:
      • The Arduino systems that the robot functions off of can prove difficult to work if you are expecting a high amount of precision and/or lack of corrupted data that one can get accustomed to when working with more high powered computers. Due to this fact, wireless communication can be limited and the appropriate measure must be taken in the software and hardware of the robot. 
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