Autonomous Target Robot Project

  • Background 
    • The autonomous target robot project is a naval research project. The purpose of the project is to design, program, manufacture, and test an autonomous vehicle that can locate pre-determined GPS coordinates and present a target to the shooter. This is a new project at UCI, and the team is a small group of undergraduate engineering students from the MAE department. We plan to design the robot during Fall quarter, and manufacture and test it during Winter quarter. 
  • Goal and Objectives  
    • Design the structure for an autonomous vehicle
    • Write a program that directs the car to pre-designated GPS coordinates and presents a target oriented towards the shooter
    • Incorporate sensors that detect when the target has been shot
    • Manufacture the robot and assemble electronics
  • More Information
    • Sponsor/Advisor
    • Engineering challenge we are working on:
      • In order to determine when the robot should move to the next set of GPS coordinates, we plan to incorporate a vibrational sensor on the target. This sensor will need to be calibrated so that it can detect when the target has been hit, and trigger the robot to move on to the next location. However, it should be able to filter out noise such as the vibration generated by the vehicle shaking while driving.
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