Anteater Baja Racing SAE


The UCI Anteater Baja Racing SAE team competes yearly in the Baja SAE West Collegiate Design Competition hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers. Each year the team develops a brand-new single-seat off-road vehicle for the competition based on research into the dynamics of off-road vehicles and a critical analysis of the previous year’s car. The yearly competition hosts 100 collegiate teams from across the world and consists of a series of static and dynamic events culminating in the 4-hour, 100 car wheel-to-wheel endurance event. 

Goal and Objectives:

The objective of the 2021-2022 UCI Baja SAE team is to develop a reliable, competitive single-seat off road vehicle to place among the top 20 teams in the upcoming 2022 Baja SAE West competition. In order to accomplish this, the 2022 competition vehicle, named Vandal II, must be the lightest, fastest, best performing, and most reliable vehicle that the team has ever produced.
In contrast to the history of Baja SAE at UC Irvine, preparation and design began during the previous year’s competition. This allowed for the design of the entire vehicle to be finalized and validated against the Baja SAE rulebook before the beginning of instruction in Fall 2021. As the competition was on-going, returning members created a document of issues, concerns, and lessons learned to be addressed for the upcoming 2021-2022 team. Based on this analysis, the leads established the following overall team objectives:


  • Complete servicing/maintenance of Vandal I for testing by end of week 5, October 30, 2021
  • Complete Vandal I Testing by end of week 8, November 20, 2021
  • Complete suspension testing/tuning procedure using Vandal I by October 22, 2021
  • Complete First AWD Design for Vandal II by end of Fall 2021
  • Standardize clear and effective fundraising procedure moving forward

Team Website & Social Media:

Faculty Advisor Contact:

Professor J. Michael McCarthy -

Team Lead Contacts: 

Chief Engineer: Matthew Ortiz -
Project managers: Elin Alexan-
                             Yavin Evenich-
                             Allison Eiler-
Powertrain lead: David Lujan-
Brakes and Human Interface Lead: Evan Woo-
Chassis and Ergonomics Lead: Claudia Flores-
Suspension and Steering Lead: Kobi Esmenjaud-

Project status: 
Academic year: