Active AntFins

Active AntFins


The Active Antfins project works with the UCI Rocket Project Solids Team to  maximize the apogee of solid-propellant rockets. Due to external factors such as wind drift and changes in mass due to fuel burn, rockets can become unstable. To combat this, we are designing a module to keep a rocket stable by actively controlling the fins of the rocket. The Active Antins will control the rocket fins using servos, an IMU and a Microcontroller. This control module is designed around an existing solid-propellant rocket from the team. Additionally, it can be adjusted to fit into new rockets that the team develops in the future.

Goal and Objectives:

The goal of the Active Antfins is to develop a control module for rockets. This quarter we want to produce a working prototype and manufacturing plan.

  • March 3, 2022: Test purchased components
  • March 6, 2022: Create prototype BOM
  • March 13, 2022: Manufacture prototype components
  • March 27, 2022: Assemble prototype, create final BOM and manufacturing plans


Most model rockets are passively stabilized, so by creating an actively stabilized rocket, the active fin team is setting the UCI Rocket Project apart. Additionally, most previous active fin attempts use 4 fins to control the rocket; we are using 3 to reduce weight and drag. However, to implement this we will need a more complex control system.

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