Hoag Bone Plate Fixation Project


Current bone plates used in bone fracture fixation ocassioanlly fail due to screw toggle and backout. This screw backout compromises the fracture stability provided by the plate and is caused by micromotion and shearing along the bone-plate interface. Under the guidance of Professor McCarthy and Hoag Orthopedic Doctors, Hoag Bone Plate Fixation Project goal is to find improved bone plate designs and manufacturing methods that will reduce screw failure. 


An increase of friction between the bone-plate interface can improve stability and reduce micromotion of the plate. Current commerical bone plates utilize a smooth surface which theoretical provide less friction inteface compared to a textured rough surface. An increase of friction can be achieved by texuring the surface of a boneplate which in term reduces micrmotion in response to daily loads felt on the bone. 

Project Goals/Objectives

Fall 2020 Objectives 

  • Design and manufacture various prototype textured plates 
  • Design and set up testing procedure for both friction measurment and cyclic loading of bone plate
  • Compare textured plate data to commercial smooth plates
  • Manufacture metal textured plate

Team Contact

Manufacturing Lead - Victor Nguyen  [victotn8@uci.edu]

Design Lead - Jennifer Lam [jmlam2@uci.edu]

Material/Financial Lead - Ian Gonzales [iang1@uci.edu]


Professor McCarthy - jmmccart@uci.edu

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