FALL 2018: Site Development Plan for Planning Area 1 - Orchard Hills Development

Our firm, RPM & Associates has been given the opportunity to develop Planning Area 1, also known as Orchard Hills. Our team plans to follow the City of Irvine's general plan and create a development to improve economic prosperity, ensure safety, and ultimately improve the quality of life for all its residents. A main component of this development will be the Multi-Use Event Center (Stadium) which will be created to host events and major sporting events. Along with the event center, we strive to encourage the use of public transit to limit the number of vehicles on the roads during peak periods. 

The project is split into three phases. The three phases are Project Planning, Project Design, and Project Construction. This project requires research and planning to ensure the development complies with all of the restrictions, design codes, and constraints. Then the actual design for community layouts, infrastructure components, and event stadium will be conducted by the firm. The last phase will consist of construction. The design will be brought to light by all the engineers and leave Irvine with a new well-planned development. 

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