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The AIAA Design, Build, Fly (DBF) competition is an annual, nationwide competition that requires college students to design, fabricate, and demonstrate the flight capabilities of an unmanned, electric powered, radio controlled aircraft for the assigned missions. We have designated tasks to design certain parts of our aircraft that we are hoping to use at the Textron Aviation/Raytheon Missiles & Defense - Student Design, Build, Fly Competition.


Goal & Objective

The goal of our team is to design and fabricate an aircraft that will be capable of releasing vaccine packages and syringes. The payload subteam will be in charge of designing the fuselage to hold syringes and a drop mechanism to release packages provided at the competition. We will strive to release the vaccine packages as quickly and smoothly as possible without triggering the shock sensors and carry as many syringes that we can to fulfill the requirements of the competition while simultaneously working on getting the best score possible. Ultimately having a balanced design with a variety of qualities, practicalities, and requirements that display great performance is our objective.



Our UCI ICU DBF team qualified for the competition, where our proposal placed 15th of the 110 colleges accepted, and 127 of the colleges that applied. The competition includes four different missions that our aircraft must be able to complete:

  • Mission 1 Our aircraft must complete timed laps without a payload,
  • Mission 2 The same as Mission 1 but with syringes on board,
  • Mission 3 Our aircraft will fly one lap, land, drop a vaccine vial package, and repeat for the amount of packages on board,
  • Ground Mission Aircraft will fly a lap with both the syringes and vaccine vial packages on board.

The ground mission also tests our ability to load the entire payload into the aircraft and safely deliver it without breaking the drop sensors. Our total score for the competition is based on our combined scores from these four missions.

The AIAA DBF competition will be held April 21-24, 2022 in Wichita, Kansas.


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Team Contacts

Chief Engineer / Project Manager : Rendell Miguel | rmmiguel@uci.edu




Professor Jacqueline Huynh |  huynhlj@uci.edu
Colin Sledge | csledge@uci.edu
Nathan Yeung | nhyeung@uci.edu

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