Morf NX

Morf NX

Project Background:

For the winter and spring quarters of 2022, Siemens and Morf 3D have partnered up with the University of California, Irvine to teach senior-level MAE students using their CAD software, NX, emphasizing additive manufacturing in the aerospace industry. To get the UCI team familiarized with the NX software and the concept of additive manufacturing in the aerospace industry, Siemens and Morf 3D engineers will work alongside the UCI team. This project will serve as a guide to learn how additive manufacturing will be the future of the aerospace industry and the manufacturing industry because of the digitalization of engineering design projects in the industrial sectors. In this quarter, the UCI team will learn about engineering in the industry, applying applicable engineering design processes, modifying parts, making the correct design and manufacturing decisions, and ultimately designing effective support structures for the parts provided by Siemens and Morf 3D.

Team Goal:

The goal of this project is to investigate the optimization of additive manufacturing operations, and how to effectively reduce post-processing effort in the early stages of design. The way this can be accomplished is by using an optimized support structure model which in turn makes the post-processing operations like de-powdering, de-plating, and support removal easier. For example, the larger holes in some support structures allow for the powder to be removed faster than in a similar structure with no holes, thereby reducing the cost of operation for de-powdering.

Team Objective:

  • ​Creatively develop support structures to support the printed part.
  • Effectively dealing with heat exchange in the printing phase to avoid warping the part.
  • Learn the strengths and weaknesses of various support methods.
  • Develop the engineering skills to choose an effective support structure.


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Team Contact:

Zhihao Liu, Team Lead / Point of Contact <>

Timothy Morse, <>

Khuong Nguyen, <>

Antonius Wirjadi, <>

Sidney Schone, <>


Prof. Mark Walter, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering <>

Ben Dolan, Director, Design & Engineering Research Projects RapidTech <>


Morf 3D:

Jeff Blanford, Solution Architect <>

Matt McConnell, Director of Engineered Solutions <>

Robert Mendez, Additive Manufacturing Engineer <>



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