Design Review 2021-22

Join us for the 2022 Winter Design Review

Friday, March 11, 2022


This annual event is the second chance for engineering students to present their senior design project goals to a wider audience. More than 160 student teams plan to display their posters, outlining the challenges they propose to solve with engineering ingenuity. We invite faculty, staff, students, alumni and industry representatives to join and interact with our Anteater Engineers and view their amazing projects!

Some of this year's projects include a UCI Solar Airplane, I-5 Ortega Highway Interchange Redesign, Redevelopment of Willowick Golf Course, Text Detector for Visually Impaired, A Real Time Human Gesture Controlled Robotic Arm, Liquid Extraction in Biofuel Production, BIOENGINE Edwards Remoral Access Device for Aortic Sheaths and many more.

Samueli School Interim Dean Michael Green mentions that every year the quality of projects and depth of students’ understanding continue to improve. “Despite the pandemic and this year’s remote learning environment, students have risen to the occasion and are designing innovative approaches to finding solutions for today’s grand challenges.”